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The Birds | Alfred Hitchcock | 1963


The Birds | Alfred Hitchcock | 1963

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Anonymous asked:
I already ship Alicia and Finn. Am I wrong? Is only me?

it’s not just you. but you do you and ship whatever your heart desires, anon, i won’t stop you.

i’m indifferent re:alicia/finn, personally. finn’s Nice (which is not my type, character-wise, especially on this show, but whatever) and i’m rly into matthew goode, buuuut that’s about it. i don’t love him but i don’t dislike him either, he’s just… present.

…kind of like cary.

meanwhile, alicia is, you know, It. characterization in this show apexes in the form of alicia florrick. and so whenever i contemplate their relationship from a romantic perspective, i’m always in a mental state of: get to her level tbh. but we’ve only seen, what, 4 episodes worth of finn polmar? we’re just scratching the surface and there’s plenty of time and potential for development there so until i get more invested in his character, i’m staying neutral w/ alicia/finn.

there’s also, ya know, that minor, MINOR, teeny tiny insignificant trifling of a detail where there’s a fresh void in my stone-cold heart carved out by little asshole will gardner and his inability to fucking STAY ALIVE. so while i’m mourning the death of will/alicia (and will/diane and will/kalinda bc those all go hand-in-hand for me), i’m just distancing myself from any potential romantic relationships in the near future and possibly ever bc NOTHING IS SAFE.

but if you wanna ship alicia/finn then go for it! you’re certainly not the only one doing so. foLLOW UR HEART, FOLLOW UR DREAMS, JUST GO GO GO.


24 reasons to love Streisand - A birthday countdown

24 → her birthday & lucky number

#22. This duet and this quote

“David [Begelman] took me to see [Barbra Streisand] in Las Vegas, when she was just starting out. I was curious, because I never heard so many people complaining… ‘God, is she ugly!’ Everybody was saying, ‘My God, I never saw anyone so ugly…’ And they said it with such force… And they said it so often that I thought, this girl must have something! And we were sitting at the table, and David was very proud the agency had just signed Bob Goulet. They had a choice of signing either Bob or Barbra, and David kept saying ‘Wait’ll you see this ugly, ugly girl!’

And Barbra came out. And after her first number I looked at David and said ‘Well, you blew it…’”

— Judy Garland

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Snowpiercer (2014), dir. Joon-ho Bong

"Have you ever been to the tail section? Do you have any idea what went on back there? When we boarded? It was chaos. Yeah, we didn’t freeze to death, but we didn’t have time to be thankful. Wilford’s soldiers came and they took everything. Just a thousand people in an iron box. No food, no water. After a month we ate the weak. You know what I hate about myself? I know what people taste like. I know that babies taste best."
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Who should be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of it?

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Erechtheion temple in Athens.

Erechtheion temple in Athens.

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