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TV MEME: [2/10] currently airing shows The Good Wife

That’s the problem with good deeds. They multiply.


"The Line" Preview 2

"Our friend Clarke seems to have learned his management skills from Mao…"

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this show is too much


I for one am a big fan of Alicia Florrick’s character development


I for one am a big fan of Alicia Florrick’s character development

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this nerd

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the good wife meme  2/6 relationships

diane lockhart and will gardner

I’m always saying this: This is a show that doesn’t rely on sensationalism or violence, rape, sex, beheadings and people being in strange, weird, aberrational—particularly women. I love that the women in this show—we’re not victims, we’re not arch-bitches, we’re adult characters living in a tough moral…in a new world where there’s just moral ambiguity and it gets harder and harder to see what’s the right and the wrong thing. I always like to call this show shades of gray. There’s a real skill involved in writing a show that has that complexity and sophistication.
—Christine Baranski on The Good Wife (source)
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